Work with me

I can test your ideas for you

From value proposition development to marketing campaigns and branding to product definition, this is pragmatic & resourceful qualitative research with an option to shadow me through the process.

I value the fresh perspectives that Julia brings to a brief…

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Learn to test your own ideas

Bring your ideas with you to a one-one mentoring session or group workshop. Join a public workshop or arrange your own private tailored version. (Online or in-person). Make real progress on your own idea and walk away with clear actionable steps.

One of the best learning experiences. Great course…

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Entrepreneurial & commercial awareness workshops

Very well received in secondary schools, by undergraduate & postgraduate audiences. A chance to practice innovation and work-related skills while working up new value propositions and business models.

Julia teaches through active learning that business is about people

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Theatre for your event

Along with upbeat presentations (see video below), drop-in surgeries and on-stage live user panels are a great way to create some drama. Hard hitting ways to make audiences really think about “lo-fi” testing of ideas before building their solutions.

This drop-in surgery was total product therapy …

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Here is Julia in action at Product Tank London