Workshops (more info)

Whether online or in person, workshops are always with me, giving live feedback & trying to get some laughs!

  • Highly interactive, kept lively with short bursts of instruction, group discussions, team working & live feedback
  • Participants are encouraged to bring real life, current challenges and ideas to the sessions so that our spent time together is as fruitful and practical as possible.
  • All participants get their own set of templates to work through. This makes it super practical for them as well as making it easy for me to give instant feedback.

By the end of the full workshop participants who want to progress their particular ideas will be ready to test them out, armed with

  • A plan of which audiences to arrange to speak with and how you are going to find them
  • A full research script that responds to those nagging doubts and risky assumptions 
  • The confidence to put rehearsed interview techniques into practise. 

Private workshops for innovating business teams

Due to their particular complexities, idiosyncrasies and environments, there is a pre-workshop stage when working with many businesses and organisations which serves two purposes:

(1) for Product Doctor to understand their particular situations and (2) to help participants get focused and prepared so they can hit the ground running at the workshop.

Some clients choose to focus on particular steps rather than the full set and may also have additional requirements for product coaching.

I am so grateful to now have a structure I can work with for new ideas that the rest of the team can also adopt

Head of Product, FTSE 100

Private workshops for startups & scale-ups

Many startups and scale-ups on accelerator and incubator programs have a feeling that they have moved beyond testing out their idea as they are mostly developing solutions.

However, when asked, so many are unable to give solid evidence of a customer and/or user need, problem or desire.

They are working with some dangerous and risky assumptions which are better to test now, rather than after money has been spent on developing the solution and launch.

This workshop can be tailored to focus on a particular sector.

I learnt that I need to ask the right questions to really understand my market

Startup on UCL’s Accelerator programme,

Public workshops for all sorts from all walks of life

There are a lot of people mulling over ideas for new ventures as well as working on plans to improve their existing live offering.

Many of these people are not in a particular programme or in an organisation big enough to organise a private workshop. This workshop is for them.

This is a great opportunity to take an idea forward and walkaway with a plan of what to do next. Participants also enjoy getting feedback from others in the group.

Really enjoyed the course, thank you. Was pitched at a great level for someone with lots of interest and enthusiasm but no real experience.

Innovator with idea for new hair product range